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Now that spring is here, checking that everything is in order and working perfectly comes in perfect timing since nobody really wants to do that during summer. Letting out all the old and replace with the new is also a usual trend for all spring cleaning fans around the state. If you’re one of those enthusiasts and want to invest into something new, practical and awesome, we at Apple Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. have the best idea for you and your family. A Window AC unit! Now, before we all stop what we’re doing to run to our favorite contractor and get the newest, most futuristic looking unit, there are some things we’d like to advise for your AC installation service in Orlando, FL.

Unfortunately, size does matter…at least in this case

Unlike a TV or a car, buying a bigger AC unit than the one you need might not be the best choice. You might end up paying a lot more in bills for the job a smaller one could perfectly do. More important than the size is the actual power your system should have. Per every square foot in the area you want to cool off, your AC should have 20 BTUs (British Thermal Unit) of power. Going after the right size is very important, besides being a potential waste of space and energy. Make sure you have a chat with us before deciding on a new Window unit. We can give excellent advice only with your best interests in our minds.

Apple Air conditioning and Heating

Watch the weight

Whatever unit you decide on buying. Weight distribution plays a massive role in the performance of your AC. When giving your unit the support it needs, use porous material that allows proper ventilation and stops humidity from accumulating between the parts. During the coldest months, your system won’t be struggling to drain the water due to ice if the support and attaching parts are well placed and of a good material. Make sure is extremely resistant; it should be able to hold a bit more than the weight of the AC.

Keep it steady and leveled

It is a common mistake to try tilting the unit a bit when installing it with the purpose of “helping” the system to drain water better. Window AC units are perfectly designed with inner channels and gutters that do the hard work without any help. If you decide to tilt the system, you might actually be making things harder by driving the water away from where it’s supposed to go. Make sure all supporting attachments are at the same height and that there are 90 degrees between the wall and the AC if you decide to install it yourself.


Make sure you isolate the gaps between the unit and the window. This will not only stop flies and other insects from coming in, it will also make your AC more efficient. We recommend accordion style isolation foam since it’s proven to do best than any other type.

We at Apple Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. are highly qualified professionals, and we love doing our job. If you need an AC installation service in Orlando, FL, just give us a call today at 407-654-3777 and we’ll make sure all you need to do is enjoy the breeze while summer arrives.