Install Solar Air Conditioners Altamonte Spring FL

One of the biggest loads in any household is the air conditioning system. The AC machine runs 24/7 and works hard during the hot summer days and nights to cool indoor spaces. The result is an incredibly high cooling bill at the end of every month. Air conditioners have several components that consume power. These are; fans and blowers, compressor pump and control system. All these items can be powered by energy derived from the sun. After all, high temperatures mean the sun is shining for longer, so its energy can be harnessed using solar panels to power solar air conditioners Altamonte Spring FL.

How Solar AC Machines Work

A solar power system consists of a solar panel, battery pack, inverter and charge controller. The energy produced during the day is stored in the battery for use at night once the sun goes down. However, some of the energy can be used directly to power the air conditioner during the day. As long as there is direct sunlight from the sun, electrical energy will be produced and the AC will continue running until the battery is completely drained. When this happens, an automatic changeover switch will transfer the load to the grid.

The efficiency of air conditioning machines has increased considerably over the years. This means that modern air conditioners consume little power to cool indoor spaces. This is what makes it possible for air conditioners to be solar-powered. Apple Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. has a wide range of solar air conditioners Altamonte Spring FL residents can install on their property to help them cool their homes and business premises cost effectively. The company also has NATE certified technicians who can install both the solar power system as well as the solar-powered AC. Apple Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. also offers affordable financing for the entire project.