Welcome to Apple Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. for high quality AC repair service Bay Hill FL. If your air conditioner is not providing sufficient cooling as it used to, it indicates it is malfunctioning and requires repair. We offer repair services for all makes and models of air conditioners. Just call us on 407-654-3777 and we will send an expert AC technician to your home. The professional will inquire about the problems you are experiencing with the equipment. The technician will examine the cooling system thoroughly and perform some tests. You do not have to worry about any fault being left behind just because you cannot see it. Our technicians are experienced in this field. They perform all tests and examinations to find hidden faults that may not be so obvious to a layperson.

There are some signs and symptoms that show your air-conditioner is in need of immediate repair. Do not ignore loud or unusual noise. It is not the standard low decibel humming noise of air conditioner but something different like rattling or scratching noise. A defective worn out part may be causing this noise. You run the air conditioner at the maximum cooling setting and still it fails to cool your room properly. If you move around the room you will find there are hot spots and the room is not being cooled evenly. You find your air conditioner suddenly stops working and requires some non-standard action to make it work. It is possible your air conditioner has stopped working completely. These symptoms indicate your air conditioner has developed faults. It requires quick AC repair service Bay Hill FL.

You should check the electrical connection and make some visual inspection to make sure the electrical cord of the AC is properly plugged into the electrical outlet. However, you must avoid doing any DIY repair on your own. Call today on 407-654-3777 and an AC technician with knowledge and experience in the type of air conditioner you have will be sent to your address. Most faults are fixed within an hour.