air conditioner repair in Orlando, FL

We get this question all the time! Here at Apple AC, we understand that although the price is the most important factor to consider right away, you must also consider the long term impact of the repairs you hire us to perform. It’s important to save money, but you must also seek out air conditioner repair in Orlando, FL that’ll save you money long after the repair is done. There’s a variety of factors that go into making sure your air conditioner is running efficiently, properly cooling your home, and is running with enough parts and supplies like refrigerant liquid. Before we give you an idea of the full range of costs, let us explain why you should hire us and not your ordinary handyman…..

Why Hire A Certified Technician?

A qualified HVAC technician is going to be trained and educated to deal with every problem that could possibly occur with your AC. Replacing parts, charging refrigerant correctly, tuning up and tightening electrical connections, and then cleaning the ductworks are all jobs that they will normally work around. In order to perform all of this work, the tech will have to complete several years of training and rigorous study to be allowed around your air conditioning unit. This is very important as the tweaks they make to your system will influence how efficiently your AC will run and how long it will last before it needs a replacement.

air conditioner repair in Orlando

The Average Cost of AC Repairs

So here’s your answer to the big question: some repairs can be as low as $60 to as high as $1800 depending on the complexity of the job and the price of the part. Replacing a thermostat then calibrating it, say if you want a programmable one, is fairly simple and easy for an HVAC technician to perform. Then there’s the replacement of a circuit board, compressor, pump, or fan motor which cost considerably more due to the effort involved. Replacing the evaporator coil or air compressor is among the most expensive repairs. The age of the unit, its overall condition, and even the ductwork can influence the ease or difficulty of working with the air conditioner. There’s a broad range of factors besides the ones listed that also factor in, and every job is going to be different. So it’s hard to put an exact price on any job until a technician can come and see your AC.

Other Work You May Need Done

For some units, air conditioner repair in Orlando, FL will be too expensive over time and it may be necessary to consider replacing the unit instead. Of course this will probably more expensive than any repair, but like we said at the beginning of this article it’s important to consider how much money you’ll save in the long run. A new unit can lower your bills, treat the environment better, and break down a lot less. The way to find out what you need to have done is to call Apple AC at 407-654-3777.