Is your AC due for a replacement? Most units need to retire after 10 years. This coincides with the end of the warranty. Some people like to extend their use which is perfectly fine if the system is still working well. However, most will already show signs of wear by this time. There will also be quite an impressive leap in technology after a decade making new models hard to resist. Here are some benefits to using high efficiency air conditioners:

Consume Less, Pay Less

Efficient AC’s require less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as older models. Their design allows them to reach the settings with minimal waste. Because of this, units will consume significantly less energy every month. Homeowners will be greeted with lower monthly bills from their utility companies. The amount saved per month, when multiplied by the number of service years, will add up to a formidable figure.

An Eco-friendly System

Everyone is trying to do their best to reduce their negative impact on the environment. We need to save resources such as water and energy. HVAC systems are notorious for their massive energy consumption. Efficient AC’s are marching in the right direction by cutting on usage. They allow us to do our part in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. With more homes across the country switching to these newer models, the cumulative effect is substantial.

Apple Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.

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