Giving Back Is Cool

Apple AC is a very active contributing partner with Orange County Public Schools. Apples to Orange is a program tailored to individual schools throughout Orange County. One of the programs is at Chain of Lakes Middle school and is called “Apple AC helping Osprey Shine.” The purpose of the program is to recognize students for doing good deeds in their school, church or community. Apple, in conjunction with the PTSA have forms in the front office that a student, teacher, or even the deputy at the school can fill out. A representative of Apple AC goes every Friday morning to appear on morning television and recognize every student by name and tell what they did. Once a month Apple AC holds a celebration in the courtyard where the #GoodDeeders from the month enjoy a sweet treat. At the end of the year, all of the “good deeders” miss the last class on a Friday and celebrate with a lunch party with cake, music and a few grand prizes, like a $100 gift card to the student that “Shone the Brightest” Last year Apple AC won Orange County Public School business partner of the year for the Southwest Learning community for this program.

Pete Lattner, owner of Apple air conditioning and heating, awards Oakridge High school student Joel Aquino the Apple Air Scholarship Award 2016. Joel now attends Orange County tech HVAC program and apprentices with Apple Air. #ApplesToOrange #GivingBackIsCool