Just like the rest of Florida, Orlando gets ample sunshine throughout the year. Locals enjoy the weather here as they can enjoy outdoor activities almost all the time. However, things can get quite uncomfortable in the summer as the heat peaks in the city. ACs are pushed to their limits in order to get relief. This causes them to consume a massive amount of energy that homeowners and establishments will have to pay for. Reduce monthly payments by using the following strategies:

Get a Modern Air Conditioner

Energy efficiency has consistently improved over the years. Newer models are much more efficient than those which came out a decade or so ago. Compare their SEER ratings. Modern ones have higher numbers. This means that you can get the same performance while using up much less energy. If you are paying an exorbitant amount every month, then perhaps you may want to do a cost analysis to see if a replacement would be a worthwhile investment. Call high efficiency air conditioners Orlando FL specialists for advice.

Shield the Outdoor Unit

If you decide to keep your old system for a bit longer, then you may try to improve efficiency by ensuring that the outdoor unit is shielded from the sun. Add a shade on top but be careful to provide adequate clearance. Air should flow freely on all sides to prevent overheating. The bushes nearby should be trimmed if they are getting close to the condenser.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Lastly, get professional technicians to perform regular maintenance about once or twice a year. They will keep the system running smoothly and efficiently. You’ll even reduce the risk of breakdowns and other common issues. Call Apple Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. for AC services. We offer highly efficient models for replacements as well as maintenance contracts for annual tune-ups. Schedule an appointment today!