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If you’ve got an infant or toddler at home, make sure the home is a safe and healthy place. Apple Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. is your area specialist for air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL with employees with young families of their own. See if you’re set up for a healthy, happy home with these awesome tips.

  1. Keep those developing minds stimulated. Kids are always exploring the home. It’s their way of learning new things constantly. Almost anything in the home can be a source of wonder or entertainment. This can create a lot of fun as you walk with your little one, but it can also be a source of worry when you’re not right there to supervise. Set up safe play spaces that allow you to relax knowing they can play without getting into trouble. Whether you set up an area in eyesight in the living room while you’re prepping a meal in the kitchen or spending time together in the home office, have toys for your young one to stay occupied.
  2. Plan small outings. Make small visits to friends and family to help socialize your child. Playdates and group settings will help your child get in the habit of interacting with others.
  3. Cut down on clutter. In addition to setting out age-appropriate entertainment and toys out for your young one, remove clutter and items you don’t want them to touch. A toddler or infant will put just about anything into their mouth. If it’s out and within reach, count on them getting into it. Adult clutter like a stack of loose change and receipts might seem harmless when you’re used to setting them down without thought, but now that you have a small child, you’ll need to be more conscious of where you leave small items. Use a piggy bank or change purse for the loose coinage. Buy an under the counter plastic bag storage solution. Not only will you protect your child, but you’ll gain a cleaner and more relaxing home when you cut out the clutter.
  4. Use eco-friendly cleaners. Heavy chemicals circulate the home and decrease air quality. For young children, they can increase the chances of allergies developing. While heavy duty jobs may require some bleach or disinfectant, most of the time, healthier alternatives will get the job done just as well.
  5. Have an emergency toolkit. Being prepared for life’s cuts and bruises to come along will help you stress less. Make sure your home kit has anti-bacterial ointment that isn’t expired. Make a second, smaller kit to keep with you on the go.
  6. Breathe easy. Home air quality can degrade when you wait too long to change the air filter on your furnace or air conditioner. Set a reminder on your cell phone to change it at least once every 90 days. Get a seasonal maintenance appointment and don’t delay on air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL. Trust Apple Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. to make your home comfortable and safe for you and your loved ones.

The early years with your child are a foundation. Enjoy life and create memories without the stress and worry over safety by using these steps. Let Apple Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. help you with air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL today. Call us to make your appointment at 407-654-3777.