If you are going to replace your old cooling system, then you might as well go for the most efficient machine that you can afford. Consider it an investment since your purchase will help you save money in the long run with lower energy bills. Since you will use the AC for a decade or so, the savings will definitely add up. When choosing high efficiency air conditioners Sanford FL residents should look into the following factors:

SEER Rating

The Seasonable Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER will tell you how well a unit can convert energy into cooling power. Older systems may have a SEER of 6 or lower whereas newer systems can have 10 or more. The higher it is, the better the performance. Other measures of efficiency also exist and these are equally valid. There is a premium for the best models in the market but they can make up for their cost.

Energy Star Label

Another easy way to spot a good unit is to see whether it has an Energy Star label. This is bestowed upon models that meet ever rising standards for air conditioners. Having one means that that the unit is a cut above the rest. You can expect as much as 15% greater efficiency compared to the current market average. This is a pretty big margin. Engineers are constantly thinking of new designs to push the boundaries so that they can squeeze more cooling capacity out of these machines.

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