Once upon a time, the North Pole had a terrible winter storm that welcomed some of the worst temperatures it had ever seen. Luckily, Santa knew just who to call. While we do not normally offer services outside of Winter Garden and the surrounding areas, we do occasionally make exceptions… especially when that someone is Santa. To make a long story short, we flew right down, repaired his central air heating unit and flew back home to Florida. Did you know that Santa is a Gators fan? He doesn’t advertise that much because he has to be fair to the Dogs fans on the good list… if there IS such a thing.

Not Only Are We Santa Approved… We Are Also BBB Accredited.

Sure – we do pretty good with the big guy, but we also do really well with the BBB. For over 20 years, we have provided our hometowns with the kind of service that has kept families coming back for generations. That means so much to us as a business and as individuals too. It makes us feel pretty special to know that our gift can help to make your home feel more like home. That is a life that we are proud to hang our hats on.

We Want to Help You Save for the More Important Things in Life.

We know that even with our everyday low prices that unexpected expenses can cause issues with budgeting needs. We have families too and we get it. That is why we are always offering special deals, savings and even financing options to help you get the services that you need now. You can count on us to offer the lowest prices in town and to work hard at everything we do for you.

When your central heating and air goes on the blink, do what Santa does and call up Apple AC. We will treat you just like family. Heck… we will even treat you just like Santa Clause because all of our clients are just as important to us.