Guide to Air Conditioning Services Kissimmee FL

Air Conditioning Services Kissimmee FL helps keep your system working well for longer by detecting and resolving potential issues. Some of the most common faults include blown fuses, tripped breakers and burnt wiring. A short in the system has the capacity to trip breakers, burn wires and blow fuses. Typically, AC service technicians check for shorted, grounded or open wiring by disconnecting the leads from the compressor terminals, evaporator and condenser fan motors. Control and power circuits are also key areas that require careful inspection.

When there is no sign of grounded or short wires, the problem may lie with the thermostat, it may be turned off. It is also possible that the thermostat may seize due to broken wires connecting it to the condensing unit and evaporator fan relay. In some cases, the air-conditioning system’s evaporator fan stops working. The component may not be receiving power or its contacts won’t close. This is clear sign of complete failure. An evaporator fan receiving sufficient power and its contacts are closing can be correctly diagnosed by checking voltage on the load side of the relay. The fan’s capacitor and wiring could cause the malfunctioning.

Alternatively, it is necessary to inspect the blower; it may be blocked by a foreign object. The system’s condenser can stop working due to a fault in the control signal from the thermostat or low refrigerant pressure. A refrigerant leak triggers the low-pressure safety mechanism, which stops the unit from operating. The same applies to the oil safety switch, it trips when the oil level is low. The switch also trips in the event that the compressor stops running while the contacts are in a closed position. The compressor terminals must be checked to ensure that they are tight and there is sufficient voltage. Apple Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. provides a professional Air Conditioning Services Kissimmee FL.