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Since Google came up with the indoor playground and declared being different for the sake of their employees, so many companies have been trying to measure up. Mostly to market their open-minded approach towards the way they solve business problems. If you want to do the same, consider checking if the current environment is at the heart of your employees.

You don’t have to spend as much as Google and other tech giants are splashing to make your employees want to stay at work more than they want to be at home. Sadly most companies just don’t know what to aim at, even with pockets lined to the brim.

1. Offer them the option to work from home

To see how lovely the work environment really is, offer the chance for them to work from home. Chances are, those with really comfortable homes will not think twice, while employees that would turn such an offer down would most likely be more in tune with your working environment.

To get more people in favor with the working settings, consider having commercial HVAC services in Orlando FL do a survey and make the climatic conditions better suited for a fun environment. Certainly an employee would go home if they don’t sweat throughout the day getting work done.

2. Turn the AC off for an hour just to see their reaction

The idea that people don’t care so much about temperature control could creep into your mind, but don’t take our word for anything yet. Carry out a simple experiment and observe how your subjects respond. Turn the AC off and set your timer to an hour.

Like any other experiment, you need to keep an eye open for any out of the ordinary reactions. If there are elements that make a place very interesting to work in, someone could opt to wait the hour before raising a complaint. When the climate settings are the only reason for productivity, then work stops the very moment a room feels too warm or a bit too chilly.

commercial HVAC services in Orlando FL

3. You want to save more money than you’d spend making them happy

When those two checks’ results have been recorded, the most important test remains. That to see how much you really want to make their environment conducive to work. A simple way to get through this one is to assess how prepared you are to save on the costs incurred when turning the work environment into a creative playground.

Hiring the best commercial HVAC services Orlando FL can come up with would not help a situation where not much is done to make employees happy. Their feeling comfortable would not mitigate any the fact that they are in a creative deficient vacuum.

All these facts are not to scare any company looking to boost their workforce’s productivity. Rather, it would be more inspiring when the considered fact is how easy it is to turn any office into a place where ideas are born. Give us a call on 407-654-3777 and we will take the comfort part out of your path to running a successful business.