AC Replacement in Winter Garden and the surrounding area

HVAC systems are important in everyday life because they keep us warm/cool and comfortable throughout the year even as environmental temperatures change from extreme cold to extreme heat. At one time or another in life, however, property owners have to think about AC and Heater Replacement. This is because, like any other type of machine, heaters and air conditioners become too old and inefficient to meet the user’s needs. At Apple AC, we recommend air conditioner replacement the moment the machine reaches the end of its useful lifespan. However, there are some unique cases where air conditioner replacement may be considered even before the machine reaches the end of its useful life.

Guide to Replacing an AC

Aside from old age, an air conditioner can be replaced if the machine breaks down too often. The cost of repairing frequent breakdowns can be incredibly high, and unsustainable over time. Furthermore, the frequent breakdowns will make your home or business premise less comfortable. Another reason to replace your air conditioner is abnormal energy bills. If your recent electricity bills have been considerably higher than what you used to pay a few months ago, without a proportional increase in the unit cost, you should consider having your AC machine replaced because it’s too expensive to operate. Inefficient machines usually consume more power, and work harder, to compensate for the inefficiencies, so you should consider replacing the unit. At Apple AC, we have NATE certified technicians who are certified to handle a wide range of HVAC equipment. We are also a factory-authorized dealer for all the major brands HVAC brands in the country.

If you think your AC needs to be replaced, you can ask our team to inspect your system and help you make an informed decision. In case AC replacement is recommended, you can request a free quote and schedule a service. We also offer financing with approved credit for both the equipment and installation process, so you can always get a new AC installed even if you’ve not saved up for the replacement.